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Places to visit:

From the fertile plains of Champhai, 204 km from Aizawl, you'll get stunning views of the Myanmar hills.

A trekker's paradise, Mizoram's highest peak Phawngpui (2157 m) is just 300 km from Aizawl and close to the Myanmar border. Often referred to as Blue Mountain, it is richly endowed with medicinal herbs and its famous species of orchids and rhododendrons, are part of the state government's conservation programme. Entry strictly for eco-friendly trekkers.

Saiha, on the Chimtuipui River, is rich in fish and an angler's delight. It is 378 km from Aizawl. Just 45 km further away is the popular Palakdil (Palak Lake) famed for its varieties of wild duck, crabs and fish of massive proportions. The forests around the lake are home to tiger, bear, deer and wild pig.
All these are accessible by car, except Phawngpui, which requires a jeep or Sumo.

Bung and Paikhai
Located close to each other, Bung and Paikhai are popular picnic spots, just 16 km from Aizawl.

Tamdil (Tarn Lake)
Tamdil, a natural lake is 85 km from Aizawl. Famed for fish and prawns it is also a popular picnic place where you can go for a -boat ride and even opt to take a drive into the nearby jungles, which are home to some wildlife. The resort village of Saituai is just 10 km away.

Close to Thenzawl hill station lie Mizoram's highest waterfalls Vantawang (750 ft high), located 152 km from Aizawl. It is beautifully located amongst dense bamboo groves and tropical forests.

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Mizoram is a mountainous state nestling in the southern tip of the north-east region of India. Covered with verdant forests dominated by thick bamboo groves, teeming with vibrant wildlife, sheer cliffs and breath-taking waterfalls, dotted with unique landmarks of myriad folklores and picturesque villages of houses built on stilts, a land of dramatic seas of morning mists that enfold islands of hills and peaks… This is the land of the Highlanders, or the Mizos, who are by nature carefree and hospitable to visitors. For anyone looking for a quiet holiday or outdoor activities in pristine and peaceful setting, this is a destination worth your while.
Standing aloof from the adjacent plains of Assam and the other neighboring states, Mizoram remains an exotic location sharing more than one-third of its boundary with Bangladesh and Myanmar and its capital, Aizawl is still one of the least-frequented cities in India. With a population of 10,91,014 only, it is one of the most sparsely-populated states. Mizoram has a moderate and pleasant climate throughout the year, and is an idyllic land of great natural beauty having rich variety of flora and fauna.
Though still considered remote and hence, an unfrequented destination, the location of Mizoram itself helps maintain its quaint appeal, as do its scenic landscapes of bluish hills and mountains, steep rocky cliffs, serene lakes and deep valleys of gurgling streams plunging down sheer drops to form spectacular waterfalls. To the more adventurous spirit, the rugged terrains and rivers are ideal for various outdoor sports and activities. Again, the fantastic array of wildlife, especially the birds, is an added attraction to the nature lovers.

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